Craft Prospect began as the alter ego of Steve Greenland, a container for space explorations into small satellite research and industry. With the launch of the first CubeSats in 2003, Steve was inspired to apply for a scholarship to attend the leading nanosatellite laboratory in Japan at the University of Tokyo, working with those who developed and launched the highly successful XI-series CubeSats. The hands-on research looked at CubeSat state-of-the-art, and the opportunities that they would enable particulary for developing nations or for emerging novel applications. The plan was to return to the UK and establish a CubeSat program in Manchester; however, following a chance encounter and a long admiration of the mathematical beauty of solar sailing, Steve did return to the UK in 2008, but to Glasgow, Scotland. Working between the University of Strathclyde and Clyde Space Ltd., Steve jointly proposed UKube, a collaborative program for nanosatellite development to the UK Space Agency, a pilot of which UKube-1 was announced in 2010. In the years that followed, Steve was technical lead on the mission, while also working as the company's system engineer driving the company from space subsystem to system provider. In July 2014, UKube-1 was successfully launched into orbit from Baikonur, initiating with a Morse beacon encoded call to his infant daughter, and catapulting the company and partners into a new era of growth at the leading edge of the small satellite industry. Post launch and while learning about the challenges of satellite operations, Steve became a Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Industrial Fellow, embedding the knowledge gained over 10 years working on small satellite projects into his concept: NANOBED Missions Lab. The work supported mission systems architecting at the company, and engagement with a wide consortium of government, industry and academic specialists leading to NANOBED products and services nationally and internationally. With the fellowship approaching completion, Steve decided to pursue his dream of setting up a partnership based space engineering company to focus on emerging research opportunities.


Hand crafting space systems since 2006