Our Team

Steve Greenland

Director and Founder

Steve is the founder and managing director of Craft Prospect. His own experience includes leadership of national space missions from proposal through to in-orbit operations, growing and developing engineering teams, establishing international partnerships for space development and mission lab facilities, and acting as project manager and design authority for space missions and systems. When not Crafting or Prospecting, his interests include work as a trustee for a local charity, scuba diving, skiing and playing games with his daughter.

Steve’s work has been recognised by a number of awards and fellowships over ten years in the space industry including Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Sir Frank Whittle award, and as a finalist of the Arthur C Clark space individual of the year.

Doug McNeil

Head of Systems

Doug is an experienced systems engineer, both in and out of the space industry, with a background in electronics. His focus over the last few years has been on new space ground segment design, occasionally taking a break to look at the space side. His primary focus at Craft Prospect is systems concepts modelling and blue sky design of quantum key distribution missions.

Murray Ireland

Autonomous Systems Lead

Murray has a background in academia, with a PhD in aerospace engineering and diverse postdoctoral experience. His main expertise is in robotics, combining neural networks, sensor fusion and feedback control to enable autonomy in robotic systems. His primary role at Craft Prospect is in the development of satellite autonomy, using neural networks to facilitate low-power, on-board decision making.

Outside of the Craft Prospect imagination mine, Murray enjoys bouldering, swimming, cycling, video games, convoluted home projects and retuning his guitar and butchering the first part of Stairway to Heaven.

Phil Karagiannakis

Embedded Systems Lead

Phil is an embedded systems engineer with a PhD and MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He has 10 years’ experience designing SoC-based systems and was involved in the development of UKube-1. His primary role at Craft Prospect is the productisation of in-house design concepts, making them suitable as a commercial product for space.

Cassandra Mercury

Payload Systems Lead

Cassandra used to work at NASA.

Now she's with us.

Frank Hogervorst

Software Systems Engineer

Frank has a background in aerospace engineering at the Delft University of Technology, specialised in space exploration. He has experience in satellite trajectory optimisation, machine learning, ADCS modelling, and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). His primary role at Craft Prospect is the development of software for secure autonomous satellite applications. Frank is known for his bad taste in movies and his love of cycling, cooking, playing guitar and finding excuses to get new power tools.

Sonali Mohaptra

Space Quantum Technology Developer

Sonali has a double masters and a PhD in theoretical high energy physics along with diverse interdisciplinary background not limited to quantum gravity, gravitational waves, black holes, stars, optics, AI, and quantum information. She works to conceptualize and realize novel applications of quantum technologies in space and pushing the frontiers of science and technology by putting fundamental physics experiments in orbit.

Outside of work, she is a keynote speaker, poet, gender strategy consultant and is the founder of the literary magazine Carved Voices.