Craft Prospect is the technology partner for a novel downstream application for Earth observation data, supporting journalists operating in low infrastructure and hostile communities.  The work will deliver a proof of concept focused on the South Caucasus region.

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Onboard Data Autonomy

Craft Prospect is leading an interdisciplinary team looking at opportunities to utilise algorithms from alternate sectors into small satellite systems, in particular for supporting next generation Earth observation.  The work will deliver a system framework for the approach, and prototype candidate solutions for evaluation.

Funding has been provided by UKSA through the Centre for Earth Observation and Instrumentation.

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Space-Based QKD

Quantum Key Distribution offers a highly secure method for key distribution critical to modern data systems security from financial transactions to military communications.  Craft Prospect is working to identify opportunities to accelerate and augment the technology or service readiness of space-based QKD using small satellites.

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