AutoAssure: Autonomy Assurance of Small EO Missions.

There is an increasing move towards spacecraft autonomy, which requires innovative solutions for CubeSats and other small satellites which are notoriously resource-constrained, being limited by their physical size and power generation capabilities. This project addresses the autonomy challenge by making use of Craft Prospect’s existing advanced system-in-the-loop and flight software simulations, providing a valuable capability for supplying these solutions for commercial and international autonomy developments for small spacecraft such as CubeSats. 

To support this, Craft Prospect will prototype an end-user assurance pack, allowing near-term customer focus to remain on service demonstration and securing markets. 

Craft Prospect will demonstrate an innovative and low-cost solution for the assured autonomy product concept using drones and system-in-the-loop simulations. This allows Craft Prospect to become an enabler for more efficient business exploitation once the market is proven.