ROKS: Responsive Operations for Key Services

The Responsive Operations Key Services In Orbit Demonstration (or ROKS IOD) mission was designed to demonstrate automated, efficient, and secure QKD services by combining responsive operations with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology. Clouds in the atmosphere can inhibit QKD services, so the 6U CubeSat was designed to be able to identify the presence of clouds, and respond accordingly to ensure efficient use of the onboard and ground infrastructure resources. 

Leading a consortium of other companies and university partners, Craft Prospect has developed a modular payload for quantum key distribution under the Quantum Space Technology Payload (QSTP) to carry out one of the first commercial space technology demonstrations for end to end Quantum Cryptography Services, blazing a trail to combat the threat of quantum computers to current public key cryptography.  The Quantum Space Technology Payload includes a quantum random number generator, quantum emission sources, fine beam-steering systems and a secure computer onboard which provides end to end security services (CASSA).  The payload also features the Forwards Looking Imager (FLI), contributing to a responsive operations infrastructure for a future service able to deliver keys in a scalable, global and cost-effective network.