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Forwards Looking Imager

The FLI launches your satellite into smarter space. Combining the autonomy of machine learning with the efficiency and speed of FPGAs, the FLI captures orbital imagery with its integrated camera and labels EO features with a user-determined neural network.

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What are you interested in?

Are you tracking ships? Monitoring susceptible regions for wildfires? Are you simply trying to capture cloud-free imagery for your downstream customers? The FLI’s power lies in it’s adaptability. The onboard neural network can easily be trained for your specific requirements. It can even be updated in-orbit to take advantage of fresh training data and changes in customer needs.


  • Responsive operations – respond to features of interest immediately, without waiting for the next ground station pass
  • Filtering of captured EO imagery – downlinking only the imagery you’re interested in
  • Direct alerts – downlink information to your customers without waiting for image downlink and processing
  • When twinned with a direction-controllable high-resolution camera:
    • Monitoring of cloud cover ahead of satellite to optimise high-resolution EO imagery capture (see demo video below)
    • Advance warning and positioning of oncoming features of interest for high-resolution camera

Demo Simulation

This video shows one of the FLI’s applications as an early warning system for cloud cover ahead of the satellite nadir. Supplying future knowledge of the visible Earth surface allows a high-resolution camera to avoid the clouds and capture much more cloud-free imagery on a single orbit.