Novel Space Applications

A core focus at Craft Prospect is to provide the expertise required to enable the roll-out of new and novel applications. A unique selling point for the company is our interest in emerging technologies, working with these from the research stage through to service provision. 

Through our work in the quantum and AI domains, Craft Prospect has become adept at engaging with researchers and end-users, determining key requirements, and designing commercial services that link emerging technology to real-world applications. The company is currently leading an in-orbit-demonstration mission in Quantum Key Distribution called ROKS which is one of the first satellite-to-earth QKD CubeSat missions planned in the UK, bringing together strategic partners from both academia and industry. 

Our team of engineers love applying their experience supporting other companies and project teams to succeed in their missions. So, if you have a technology which you would like to see in orbit, please get in touch!