Responsive Operations

Responsive operations for the space domain enable the transfer of decision-making and data processing from the ground to space – moving your satellite operator upstream. Autonomous decision-making onboard a satellite or spacecraft reduces the reliance on human operators and infrequent ground station passes, resulting in faster, more cost-effective, and more timely mission activities. This can accelerate the return on investment for commercial space ventures. 

In-orbit data processing reduces the load on the downlink from space and ensures that your end-users receive the data they need and in the form that they need it in, whether it’s a compressed multispectral image or a simple text alert.

Craft Prospect’s Responsive Operations programme fuses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and data processing with low-power embedded systems. Insights gained from the application of data fusion and bespoke neural networks to data captured in-orbit can enable a variety of applications, including:

  • Filtering, processing, and compression of high-value data to reduce the load on the downlink.
  • In-orbit feature detection and georeferencing.
  • Responsive tasking of subsystems, payloads and other satellites using future knowledge of the Earth Observation environment.
  • Collaborative goal-driven missions across satellite constellations.
  • Cost-effective software and system products to deliver autonomy on your mission such as the Forwards Looking Imager.

All operations, decisions, and algorithms are tailored to your mission. Contact us now to talk about your AI satellite operator.