Because no one exists in a bubble.

The Children’s Wood

Boosting child wellbeing and confidence in our local area through outdoor play and learning. Award winning charity we are run entirely by volunteers we work with over 20 local schools and nurseries to deliver outdoor activities in line with the curriculum for excellence, organise events and activities for the local community, and run weekly playgroups and clubs.

Maritime Aids for Protection of Life in Extremes

Exploring the potential to use advances in electronic minaturisation to help preventing needless deaths of boat refugees escaping repression by providing the ability to call for help and identify their location when life is under threat.

The Equality Trust

Glasgow chapter of national social movement based on the principal that the more unequal a society the worse the social outcomes for all. Read The Spirit Level to find out more about the compelling underpinning research and why by tackling inequality directly we can improve our society.